Skywarp and Drift join Flame Toys’ Transformers model line

Flame Toys’ series of  Transformers Furai model kits is getting two new members. Classic seeker Skywarp and the Autobot Drift are joining up.

Roll out

Furai models, if you’re not aware, are highly detailed and posable model kits. So yes, you have to build them, but what you get isn’t a static figure, but a pretty awesome looking action figure.

Forged from ABS and PS plastic, the kits are snap-together too. So there’s no mussing and fussing with glues and whatnot. Just snap them together and go. I used to build model like these quite a bit, and I can tell you that while they might take a little while to build, they are not difficult at all and make for some awesome finished products.

Flame Toys’ series is rolling ever forward too, with the aforementioned Autobot and Deception. Both models are based on the IDW comics versions of the characters, so they do look a little different than what you might be used to.

Obviously too, they don’t transform. If you are looking for that, there are plenty of standard action figures out there, though Drift is a little rarer to find than Skywarp. Both of these bad boys are scheduled to ship in December, and should be ready for pre-order now or very soon.

Here’s your official rundown:

  • Flame Toys Skywarp Furai Model Kit · MSRP $38.00 · Available December 2019 –The 9th Transformers FURAI MODEL kits presents Skywarp. Standing 6 inches tall, this modernized depiction of the Decepticon Seeker features realistic articulation with over 50 movable joints. The kit is made of hard plastic ABS & PS, which makes it ideal for expert builders to add their own custom paint. With different injection colors of runner parts and simple assembly design, this is also a kit that is great for beginners and experts alike.
  • Flame Toys Drift Furai Model Kit · MSRP $50.00 · Available December 2019 –The long-awaited 10th FURAI MODEL arrives with the release of Drift. Standing 6.1 inches, this new and excited model depicts the Autobot Drift as he is seen in the beloved IDW Transformers comic book series. Drift features over 50 points of articulation and can assume any pose with ease. The model is constructed from ABS and PS plastic which can be easily custom painted. The joints are rendered in soft plastic for stable, movable performance. Model parts come color molded so no painting is required making this model kit ideal for beginners and experts alike.

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