Sleepwalker returns with new Infinity Wars tie-in mini-series

A pretty popular hero from the 1990s, Sleepwalker hasn’t been see for a while. But now the etherial character is back, thanks to Infinity Wars.

Sleepwalking into the new millennium

Was Sleepwalker’s return something that fans were begging for? Eh, probably not honestly. That does not, however, make it any less cool. And a new Sleepwalker book is just that, since he’s yet another 90s hero (along with Darkhawk) that Marvel has seen fit to bring back with Infinity Wars.

Speaking of, the reason for his resurgence is tied more or less right into the currently-running mega-event. Well, kinda. Sorta. (do you really care?)

Deep in the mind of man, in the ephemeral realm of dreams, he dwells…the Sleepwalker! Lurking on the fringes of our unconsciousness, he protects the Mindscape from entities that threaten to tear our very minds apart…but when all of reality becomes warped by the unbridled power of the Infinity Stones, how will he continue to protect the world?

This fall, join Chris Sims and Chad Bowers (Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk, X-Men ’92) along with artist Todd Nauck (Spider-Man/Deadpool, X-Men: The Wedding Special) for an all-new spellbinding tale, as one of Marvel’s most unique heroes returns—to a Mindscape utterly transformed by the reality-warping madness of INFINITY WARS!

Don’t fall asleep! Or maybe do, Sleepwalker if a hero after all. Either way, get set for issue #1 of 2 of the new book, set for release this October the 3rd.

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