Slingbox cuts the wires, intros Wi-Fi with new boxes

‘TV anywhere’ fans will be happy to know that the company’s newest, the Slingbox 500, not only packs HDMI, but brings the Wi-Fi and an internal IR emitter.

Slingbox 500

The new line of ‘boxes, which includes the 500 and the 350, sports the ability to stream full 1080p video across your network to any supported device (which these days is almost everything, including the newest iPhone and iPad models).

With an eye towards hi-def the Slingbox 500 boasts HDMI and Wi-Fi compatibility, and also cuts out the IR emitter that used to be connected by a cable. The 500 has it built right in to its internal components.

All this, of course, means that the amount of work for set-up is cut down (not that it was all that big of a pain to begin with) and the wire clutter is all but eliminated as everything’s either Wi-Fi or built in to the actual box.

As far as cost, the 350 will run you about $179.99 USD and the 500 will cost you around $299.99 Find out more here.

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