Slocap wants Sifu to focus on the single-player experience

Slocap wants Sifu to focus on the single-player experience

The recent PlayStation State of Play had plenty of surprises for PC gamers as well. One of them just so happened to be Slocap’s Sifu, a martial arts brawler that is all about one man’s mission to take revenge. Judging from Slocap’s past work on the melee-action RPG Absolver, it’s clear the studio has a thing for kung-fu. If the reveal trailer for Sifu is anything to go by, we are in for a treat. However, the same trailer also left us with plenty of questions about the game that need answering.

Speaking to PC Gamer, Executive Producer Pierre Tarno answered certain questions about the game, but also left much to the imagination when it comes to Sifu. 

Perhaps the most important revelation of the interview though was that Sifu is going to be limited to a single-player experience. Despite Slocap’s work on Absolver and its live elements, that will not be the case for SifuInstead of diverting the team’s attention towards elements such as online features, Slocap is fully focused on making the gameplay shine in this latest project.

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As such, players can expect a fleshed-out linear adventure similar to movies such as Oldboy. A hallway full of bad guys and one skilled protagonist? Count me in.

Your fists don’t have to do all of the talking though. The environments in Sifu are going to play a big part as well. Players can climb ledges, throw objects, use furniture, and grab whatever is on hand to use as a weapon. It pays to be observant when in combat.

Classic formula

The structure of Sifu is also quite clear. With our hero looking to avenge his fallen family, his aim is to bring down five assassins. The path to these murderers are filled with goons, and no hideout is complete without goons. Clear the henchmen, and get the target, that is how Slocap is structuring Sifu.

Of course, you will not be having it easy. You can die, but you will always return for the fight. Contrary to what many might believe, you do not turn older as you perish. Instead, the ageing simply shows how the hero and the player are slowly becoming an old master of kung-fu.

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Speaking of kung-fu, Slocap is only deriving inspiration from one specific combat style, and that is Pak Mei Kung Fu.

Slocap Wants Sifu To Focus On The Single Player Experience

Combat fundamentals

For authenticity’s sake, the game does have a kung-fu master involved. In this case, it is Benjamin Culos, a master of Lao Siu Leung Pak Mei. Creative director Jordan Layani is a student of Culos, and the master’s input on fighting and aspects of the culture were invaluable.

Both movement and value of Pak Mei Kung Fu play a huge part in SifuHow that will play out remains to be seen, but it is a lofty aim that is worth pursuing.

Just like how it works in real life, you are going to have to master the combat. Only through practise and mastery, will you truly be able to overcome your foes. Expect a real challenge when Slocap releases Sifu.

No release date has been set for the game, but it is targeting a fall release on the Epic Games Store. That should give you plenty of time to brush up on your Cantonese, since Sifu means master in the language, although I am not sure Slocap is taking that into consideration.

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