Sneak Peek: DC Comics’ Snagglepuss

Sneak Peek: DC Comics' Snagglepuss

Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters are getting some interesting makeovers from DC Comics. Here’s your first look at none other than Snagglepuss.

Yes, Snagglepuss

You remember this guy, don’t you? That big lavender-shaded cat? Well, he’s back, and he’s not alone. Snaggs will be joined by some big names from the toony-past. Actually in some cases, huge names, all of which will be joining DC’s already running Flintstones book.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • RUFF AND REDDY by writer/artist Howard Chaykin
  • THE JETSONS by writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner with art by Pier Brito
  • TOP CAT by writer Dan DiDio with art by Phil Winslade

Add to that Snagglepuss, which’ll be from Mark Russell and Howard Porter, and you have a startlingly impressive lineup of talent. All of the above will be first delivered in bite-sized format. That should give you a solid taste of what’s to come.

Each of the new tales will be first told in 8 page stories. And they’ll be included in DC’s Annuals slate, which is arriving on March 29th. And these won’t be strictly for kids either, as it sounds like the silly Hanna-Barbera toons of yesteryear are getting a 21st century makeover.

From Russell:

Mark Russell recently revealed in an interview with HiLoBrow that his concept for Snagglepuss is as a Southern gothic playwright working with an ensemble cast of cultural figures, exploring an intensely creative time in the New York City theater scene of the 1950s. In Russell’s eight-pager, Snagglepuss faces the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Stay tuned for the complete sampler, but enjoy a first look at SNAGGLEPUSS!

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