Sniper Elite 3 trailer hits the mark

505 Games third Sniper Elite sends players back to WWII and into the deserts of North Africa.

The shooter is series star and American OSS agent Karl Fairburne. In North Africa during the height of World War 2, Fairburne takes to the high road to cover allied forces as they attempt to purge the German war machine from the continent.

Though the plot is still somewhat mysterious, Fairburne uncovers some intelligence that shows the coming of a “German technology that could crush Allied resistance for good”. Just what that means, and if it’s historically accurate or something more sci-fi/fantasy based, we shall see.

505 says that this will be the most open Sniper Elite title yet with a “greater focus on sandbox style gameplay” than before. That’s certainly good to hear as an open world (well, more open anyway) game with an emphasis on sniping could be very cool indeed. Of course Sniper Elite 3 will also sport one of the most “advanced” kill-cams in gaming and feature “vehicle shredding” kills to boot. Pretty neat.

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If you’d like to find out more about the game, click here, otherwise Sniper Elite 3 will be on the way in 2014 for Xbox 360/One, PC, Playstation 3/4.

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