So an X-Man and KITT pull into a comic shop…

Stop me if you’ve heard this one, but Diamond Select just shipped some shiny new action figure (and car!) goodness to comic shops.

Knight Rider never really gets old for me and this latest offering from DST is just plain awesome if you’re fan of the show.

Knight Rider 1:15 Scale K.I.T.T. Electronic Vehicle

The Knight Industries Two Thousand (K.I.T.T.) was an experimental vehicle developed by the Knight Foundation as a deterrent to criminal activity. Outfitted with numerous cutting-edge technologies — most of them defensive and nonlethal — the car’s systems were controlled by an advanced artificial intelligence, partnered with a human operator. This 14-inch replica is based on K.I.T.T.’s appearance in the 1984 television series Knight Rider, and is capable of replaying key dialogue and sound effects from the original broadcasts at the push of a button. Features the original voice of K.I.T.T., authentic sound effects, and light-up fog lights, tail lights, sensor bar, voice box, instruments and monitors!

Also shipping to comic and specialty shops this week is Storm in all her Giant-Size X-Men #1 glory. Also pretty slick about this particular figure is that there’s a variant edition that sports a pinned up hairstyle. And why not? Even mutants like to look their best…

Marvel Select X-Men Storm Action Figure

The X-Men series of Marvel Select figures continues! Cyclops, Colossus and company are now joined by Ororo “Storm” Munroe in her original costume. Standing 7 inches tall, Storm features 16 points of articulation, and comes with a section of the Danger Room featuring saw and torch pieces, which can be displayed alongside the sections that come with her fellow X-Men figures. Retailers who buy a case will get five regular figures and one figure with an alternate pinned-up hairstyle. Storm comes in oversized collector packaging, and is only available on the specialty market! Sculpted by Sam Greenwell!

Both the Knight 2000 and Ms. Monroe are available today at finer comic and specialty shops everywhere.

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