So people don’t like Metroid Prime: Federation Force

No, no, I mean people REALLY don’t like Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Really.

How deep does the pre-launch hatred for the 3DS’ latest Metroid-branded game go? Pretty damn deep to be perfectly honest with you; probably a lot deeper than Nintendo had ever dreamed it could possibly get.

If you don’t know, Federation Force is a multiplayer FPS, set in the Metroid universe. It’s also really vaguely described and seems to feature a mechanic where you have to shoot giant balls (ahem) and use them to interact with the world. It’s weird, it’s seemingly Metroid in name only, and it’s probably not a great idea to even bring it to market.

And I think I can definitively say that, as fans have massively down-voted the trailer on YouTube. So much that Nintendo has actually disabled the voting. Going even further, many have actually signed a petition asking Nintendo to scrap the whole thing. Yes, that’s extreme, but it encapsulates the levels of animosity that most gamers look like they have for this thing.

Personally, I’d have preferred another 2D Metroid title, or even a ‘Prime’ styled FPS – but one with Samus in the starring role. See, she’s not even in Federation Force.

Here’s what the game looks like in action:

Source: MCV

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