Solar Flux HD burns up the App Store

Revive dying suns in Firebrand Games’ puzzler.

It’s a century into the future and the universe is in its death throws. Suns are dying out all over the cosmos and it’s up to you and your special craft to save them. By delivering fresh infusions of plasma to the crippled stars, you can reignite their cores and bring a little light back to the ‘verse.

Solar Flux HD is from Cape Canaveral (how awesome is that?!) Firebrand Games and uses a really interesting mechanic that has your craft using gravitational fields to move and lock into orbits around the stars in question. Then to avoid being roasted to a Fluxy crisp, you’ll need to hide behind moons and asteroids, while popping back out to deliver the goods to the unfriendly ball of gas.

The game looks really neat, not to mention pretty original, and features a quartet of galaxies and 80 missions of puzzle-solving space action in total. Solar Flux HD is available now on the Apple App Store for download to your iPad for $3.99 USD- snag it here.

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