Somebody let the air out of Xbox’ Games with Gold again for November

Somebody let the air out of Xbox’ Games with Gold again for November

So, just to be clear, Xbox’ Games with Gold is seemingly now down to just two offerings of the month. Game Pass strikes again? You decide.

It’s gonna be ‘Game’ with Gold soon

Look, I get it, Games with Gold just isn’t as important as it used to be. Game Pass is a juggernaut, and it’s packed with games that come and go every month, offering plenty to download and play for subscribers.

And that little fact leaves the former champ of ‘freebies’, Games with Gold, kind of in the lurch. After all, the service only ever offered a handful of titles every month, and if they stunk that was kind of it. Also I think the majority of players generally don’t seem to care about owning their games anymore, as long as they have access. I mean, I still do, but… other people.

Maybe all of that is why though, Games with Gold seems to be down to just two games. Last month it had two, and this month is the same, with just the pair of freebies. I’ve never heard of either one either, so that’s not great.

They are:

If, like me, you’ve never heard of these, I do have a quick recap for you. Praetorians – HD Remaster actually sounds pretty neat, and is a RTS that lets you play as the pride of Ancient Rome, across a total of 20 levels. I’ll probably grab that one.

As for Dead End Job, well it’s basically Ghostbusters without the license. Not that it looks or sounds bad, but yeah.

Source: Xbox News Wire

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