Sonic movie officially delayed into 2020

Looks like the re-design of the main hog will take longer than expected. Director Jeff Fowler says Sonic the Hedgehog will hit theaters next year.

Still going fast, but it’ll take longer

Sonic the Hedgehog is coming to theaters. You already knew that. His initial design freaked out a good many people , but you probably knew that too.

After the initial jolt, the movie’s director Jeff Fowler said he more or less saw the point. He added that he would be taking the design back to the drawing board, to make core fans as happy as possible.

While we don’t have an updated image to show you yet, we do have some iffy news for you. An unfortunate result of the shift in design will be that the movie will be nudged into 2020. So if you were looking forward to it, you’ll have to wait a tad longer.

Fowler Tweeted a single image of Sonic’s hand holding up a sign to tell fans of the delay. In it, the date of 2/14/20 is shown, meaning that the movie’s opening has been put off till Valentine’s Day of next year. Originally it was supposed to arrive in the fall.

Presumably, nothing else will be changing. So the film will have the same plot, and still star Jim Carrey as Robotnik. It’s just that they’re “Taking a little more time to make Sonic just right” (according to the director).

Source: IGN

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