Sonic Prime speeds into a December release date on Netflix

Sonic Prime speeds into a December release date on Netflix

After months of trailers and other bits of news, we still know relatively little about the upcoming 3D animated series Sonic Prime. Essentially all of the pre-release trailers have come in the form of brief teasers depicting a few recognizable Sonic characters and iconography. Even the most recent teaser, the most substantial one shown so far, mostly contains a few short clips of Sonic battling with Shadow and Dr. Eggman’s machines. Thankfully, we now know we won’t have to wait much longer before we see what Sonic Prime really has to offer, as Netflix just unveiled a release date of December 15 for the series.

The initial release date reveal came from IGN, who accompanied the announcement with various poster screenshots highlighting Sonic and other iconic characters. Later tonight at 8 PM ET on Tiktok and Twitch, Netflix will air yet another teaser trailer for fans to look forward to.


Enter the “Shatterverse”

We’ll see whether or not this upcoming teaser will reveal anything substantially new, but we at least know what the basic plot will entail. According to a plot synopsis by Netflix and Sega, Sonic Prime sees a typical conflict between Sonic and Dr. Eggman resulting in a not-so-typical event that shatters their entire reality. Sonic has to speed his way through this “Shatterverse” and find a way to fix his reality and ensure the safety of his friends. This adventure will take Sonic through various new worlds as well as introduce new friends for the blue hedgehog to team up with.

No doubt, viewers will be curious as to how Sonic Prime compares to the hedgehog’s previous TV outings, including the somewhat recent Sonic Boom show. Upon release, the first season of Sonic Prime will boast 24 episodes, so fans will have quite a bit of TV content to enjoy and analyze before a potential second season.

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