Sony has finally acquired Insomniac

They’ve been trying for a while, but now Spider-Man developer Insomniac has been added to Sony’s PlayStation Worldwide Studios.

Growing a stable

It’s been a while, but it looks like Insomniac is finally a Sony exclusive studio. The developer was mainly that for a good long time of course, but it was never official.

If you don’t know, Insomniac created the Ratchet & Clank series, as well as the Resistance series. But they go back way farther than that, with classic PSOne FPS Disruptor, the Spyro series and more all to their name.

They were never officially a Sony studio though, even striking out to join Microsoft for the Xbox One’s Sunset Overdrive. Well, now that’s unlikely to happen again, since Sony has indeed added the developer to their fold.

The move is an obviously smart one, since Insomniac’s catalog is overwhelmingly a positive one. That’s a catalog, by the way, that includes the smash hit Spider-Man that arrived exclusively for the PS4 last year. That’s a game that all parties will want to see continue into a series. Now it certainly can, and with Insomniac securely at the helm.

Details seem a little light as to the particulars of the deal, though Insomniac will seemingly be remaining in its twin homes of Burbank, California and Durham, North Carolina.

Source: MCV

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