Sony to reveal PS5 details today at 1pm pacific

The PlayStation faithful will be getting a ton of new details about Sony’s PS5 in about a half hour (as of this writing). Finally, next-gen details are coming.

Fifth gen

Finally, at long last, the fifth generation of PlayStation is here… or at least, the first real details are. We’ve already seen the controller of course (it’s in the header image), and heard some games talked about here and there. Now though, we’ll finally get much more in the way of information on what Sony has planned, as well as a presumed-look at the hardware itself.

It all comes in the form of a live show, broadcast via Sony’s YouTube page. This of course, is happening in the wake of E3 2020’s cancellation. Sony had planned to not have a presser anyway at the show, but anything that was scheduled to take place around the LA-centric event had to be shifted too. If you forgot, the show was canned along with almost everything else in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Again, the event kicks off at 1pm pacific, 4pm eastern. You can watch the whole thing right here via the portal above, or on Sony’s page here. Note that if you follow the link, you’ll find alternate language streams.

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