Sony’s Regional President Claims PS4 is Dominating European Market

June 30, 2015
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SCEE President Jim Ryan

Sony sees no reason to drop the price of the PS4 due to success of the console in Europe, according to SCEE President Jim Ryan. Ryan stated PS4 accounts for at least 7 out of every 10 consoles sold in the various European countries and even reaching 9 in select markets. It’s clear that Sony has established market leadership in the region.

Some have speculated that Sony might drop the price of the PS4 after Microsoft announced a price drop for the original Xbox One model. These rumors grew after the announcement of the 1TB PS4; however, Sony has yet to confirm any move to drop the price of the PS4. Ryan said that consumers seemed happy with the product and value found in the system, so “[Sony will] leave it where it is for now.” Sony may just decide to phase out the original 500GB PS4 in favor of the new 1TB version, leading the price drop question to be inconsequential. Until we get more news about the release of the 1TB PS4, it’s all speculation.

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