Soulstice slated for a fall release, receives in-depth gameplay video

Soulstice slated for a fall release, receives in-depth gameplay video

Back during E3 2021, publisher Modus Games and developer Reply Game Studios unveiled their upcoming action game dubbed Soulstice. It boasts a stylish, juggle-heavy combat system similar to those of games like Devil May Cry, but it requires players to utilize the abilities of two characters simultaneously if they want to efficiently dispatch enemies. Just today, Modus Games confirmed that Soulstice will have a fall release window. Those itching to play another 3D beat ’em up will have something to look forward to relatively soon.

In addition to this announcement, Modus Games uploaded a hefty 10-minute, in-depth gameplay video that showcases Soulstice’s combat system. In this game, players mainly take control of Briar, a powerful knight who has all the trappings of a 3D action game character. Not only can she string combos together and juggle enemies in the air, but she also wields a vast array of weapons that she can decimate enemies with. She also has a Devil Trigger-esque form that can buff her attacks and give her a monstrous appearance.


What about the other character?

But Briar only represents half of the equation, as players can also command her sister Lute to perform a variety of support-based techniques. Lute can automatically attack enemies from afar with her mystical powers. She also has several actions that necessitate player input, which include “shields and counters.”

By using both characters in tandem, players can gain Unity that boosts the effectiveness of Lute’s attacks. Additionally, gaining enough Unity will allow players to perform cinematic Synergy Attacks that deal heavy damage and change depending on the weapon.

Judging by the gameplay video, Soulstice seems to have a surprising degree of intricacy to its combat, which should make its upcoming fall release all the more enticing for action game fans. Hopefully, news about a specific release date will be revealed fairly soon.

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