Space Crew takes management to a new level this October

Space Crew takes management to a new level this October

If you have been itching for some rogue-like action, there are plenty of games that try to make full use of that design mechanic to give players a fresh experience every time. Runner Duck’s Bomber Crew feels like an FTL-like adventure set on the more familiar setting of Earth. Having to take part in risky missions and ensuring you survive to make it back, each encounter can provide plenty of thrills and spills. Now, the developers are taking it into the expanse of space in the sequel. Space Crew will feel even more similar to FTL, and takes place on a spacecraft that is constantly heading towards danger. And there are extraterrestrial threats to boot.

With a new trailer dropping, we finally got a release date as well. Players can look forward to going wild in Space Crew this coming October 15. Be prepared to command spaceships and outfit them with the right crew for success. Be it the captain, comms officer, weapons officer, engineer, and more, they will be key to your longevity.

Of course, it is never smooth-sailing in Space Crew. There are radiation, asteroids, and the aforementioned extraterrestrial threats to be aware of.

Management woes

During the space battles that take place in real-time, your command of your crew will be vital. When fires break out, someone needs to take care of it. Stations need to be manned to keep your defenses up and fight back. In the event that enemies are trying to board your ship, you will need to fend them off as well. At least Space Crew is more forgiving, where failure does not render all your progress moot.

Space Crew Takes Management To A New Level This October (1)

Having things go wrong is part of the entire journey, and Space Crew will be no exception. A free Steam demo is currently available for you to test the waters. Space is certainly more dangerous than the sky on Earth. You have been warned.

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