Spelunky 2 — Guides and features hub

Spelunky 2 — Guides and features hub

Spelunky 2 is an indie roguelike that offers challenging platforming, action, and exploration for even skilled gamers. You are tasked with diving down into the deep and discovering the many secrets hidden away. It’s a tough job but I’m here to help. These guides will be your light on the way to digging up the great treasures that await.

Spelunky 2 guides hub

How to unlock all three shortcuts – Making your way through the Spelunky 2 caves can be hard work. But at least you don’t need to start from the beginning every time. With the help of this guide, you’ll have all three shortcuts unlocked in no time.

How to activate the lava drill and find Vlad – You might have come across a strange drill found in the depths of the Volcano stage. Not sure what it does? This guide will show you how to activate it and discover a mysterious vampire realm.

How to beat Olmec without even fighting him – After you wrap up Stage 2 you have to fight Olmec. It can be an annoying fight and an easy run ender with just a slight loss of concentration. Thankfully, you can avoid the fight altogether with this strategy.

How to cure poison – Getting poisoned in Spelunky 2 effectively puts a death clock on your head so to avoid losing your run it’s paramount you find a cure as fast as possible. Here’s how to reliably cure poison every time and keep your run going.

How to get the Alien Compass – Rumors say there’s a mysterious extraterrestrial item lying in the depths and a certain NPC is ready to hand it over as payment for your assistance. Here’s how to obtain the Alien Compass.

Why the Kali Altar is worth your time – Life is tough and sometimes sacrifices need to be made. Spelunky 2 is no different and if you want to optimize your run then the goddess Kali will need to be satisfied.

Spelunky 2 can be purchased on Steam.

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