Spider-Man Remastered and Miles Morales coming to PC in 2022

Spider-Man Remastered and Miles Morales coming to PC in 2022

Fresh off the heels of a commitment to getting more of its games on PC, Sony revealed that Spider-Man Remastered is next in the queue. The announcement came during the June 2022 State of Play event, and included a fresh new trailer to build some hype.

The core experience of Spider-Man Remastered will release on August 12 via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Sony didn’t mention pricing or recommended specs, but we can expect that in the months ahead. What did come as a nice surprise, however, was the reveal that the Miles Morales spinoff is also due this fall.


Flashy graphics, flashy heroes

Considering Spider-Man Remastered was designed for the PlayStation 4 originally, anyone with a decent gaming PC shouldn’t run into any issues with the hardware requirements for this game. That will be a different story though when it comes to intense effects like ray tracing.

Aside from some graphics upgrades and the exciting proposition of running the games at higher resolutions and framerates on PC, fans can look forward to what Sony describes as a high-quality PC port. Given what we’ve seen in other instances such as with God of War, it’s about time PC players received consistent support from traditionally console-centric developers. A post on the PlayStation blog goes into a little more detail about what features we can expect for the PC release. Most of the details will come later, though.

Spider-Man is one of the most iconic superheroes out there, so this game likely needs no introduction in terms of what to expect in the actual gameplay. You’re freaking Spider-Man, fighting villains with your superpowers in the city of New York. You’ll get access to the fully updated base game plus all of the narrative DLCs. From what it sounds like, Miles Morales will be sold separately though, so prepare to sling some cash Sony’s way if you plan to jump into these adventures.

The State of Play event also included announcements for Resident Evil 4 remake, a gameplay trailer for Street Fighter 6, and more info on the upcoming horror title The Callisto Protocol.

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