Spidey and Ms.Marvel meet Spider-UK in Amazing #7

Just who is the enigmatic Spider-UK and what connection does he have to Spider-Verse?

Together for the first time! The Amazing Spider-Man meets the Miraculous Ms. Marvel in the super hero team-up you’ve all been waiting for in October’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #7! And if that’s not enough, New York Times-bestselling creators Dan Slott, Christos Gage and Giuseppe Cammuncoli also bring you to the Edge of Spider-Verse!   As Spidey and Ms. Marvel face someone who looks a lot like Captain Marvel, meet the mysterious Spider-UK – but what is his connection to Spider-Verse? Seeds of the biggest Spider-Man story of all time are sown here, and no fan can afford to miss the epic AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #7– on-sale this October!

The Spider-Verse is bringing the weirdo Spider-Men out of the woodwork at this point. Spier-UK might be the oddest one yet (though that horror one was more than a little off) and that might have a big something to do with that spider-flavored Union Jack… that seemingly makes no sense at all.

All the Spidey’s in Spider-Verse have had some very cool backstories so far though, so I’m sure there’s going to be a very solid reason that this particular Spider-Man is basically a Spidey/Captain Britain mashup.

You’ll have to stay tuned though to find out exactly why that is. Not that you’ll have all that long to wait as Spider-Man and Ms.Marvel meet up with Spider-UK in The Amazing Spider-Man #7, which hits the racks from Dan Slott, Christos Gage, and Giuseppe Cammuncoli on October 8th.

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