Spirit of Vengeance

Teased last week, Marvel has announced that Ghost Rider will indeed be returning to monthly action. The new book kicks off in February of ’22.

Spirit of Vengeance

What a road it’s been for Ghost Rider. Debuting in 1972, the supernatural hero has more or less been a mainstay in the pages of Marvel Comics. That said, he has been through a few variations.

The original Ghosty, Johnny Blaze, was replaced by Danny Ketch in the 90s and turned out to be a smash hit with readers. That book spawned a bunch of spinoffs, as well as a supernatural-resurgence at Marvel, before eventually fading away.

Cover art from Kael Ngu

Since then, the character has been back and forth to Blaze as well as Ketch, and a few original characters as well. But 2022 will find that the wheel has turned once again back to that original tortured soul.

Johnny Blaze has the perfect life: a wife and two kids, a job at an auto repair shop and a small-town community that supports him… But  Johnny isn’t doing well. He has nightmares of monsters when he sleeps. And he sees bloody visions when he’s awake. This life is beginning to feel like a prison. And there’s a spirit in him that’s begging to break out!

Marvel Comics

Writer Benjamin Percy will be telling the all-new tales of Blaze’s Rider, joined by artist Cory Smith on pencils. Watch for issue #1 of this new era to kick things off in February 2022.

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