Splinter Cell Blacklist gets cooperative

Ubisoft introduces Isaac Briggs as Sam’s backup in the co-op mode for the upcoming Splinter Cell Blacklist.

Play as Sam Fisher or Isaac Briggs (a CIA operative) and work as a duo : help your teammate access parts of the maps you couldn’t access on your own, create your own tactics depending on your Play Style and watch each other’s back as you complete missions.

In all, the mode will offer a solid 14 maps and four different mission types. Each map plays out with one player taking the role of the senior operative Sam Fisher and the other stepping into the shoes of Briggs. It seems like the two characters have a kind of Lethal Weapon-y buddy vibe going on, which is definitely something different for Fisher as he’s always been more the lone wolf type.

While I still can’t get 100% used to that new voice of Sam as a big fan of the series, I’m liking pretty much everything else that I’m seeing from Splinter Cell Blacklist. Ubi is slowly winning me over with this one.

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Splinter Cell Blacklist hits the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC this August the 20th.

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