Stan Lee trains real life heroes in new YouTube show

No, these guys (and gal!) can’t stick to walls or read your mind- but they do have snazzy outfits.

It’s a little known fact that there are actual ‘super’heroes running around in the streets of America, but there actually are. I remember reading an article a while back about a team of do-gooders in New York and dude in Seattle that stunningly seemed pretty legit.

Now the man behind most of the Marvel Comics heroes you know and love is setting to training some of these well meaning crusaders in his new show on the Stan Lee’s World of Heroes YouTube channel- Academy of Heroes.

Academy of Heroes comes from Lee and Academy Award winning producer John Kroll. The show will scoop up real life folks who actually dress up for super-heroics on a daily basis and apply some actual tips and strategy to set them on the right course.

The training they’ll get includes “financial planning, public relations, and of course the Zen of heroism from Stan himself”. So Stan Lee as Professor X then? I’ve heard crazier…

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