Star Trek Mimobots beam down to your desktop

Mimobots in both Original Series and Next Generation flavors are available right now and loaded with Star Trek content.

Now, Kirk and Spock are great, but as a MONSTER fan of The Next Generation era of Star Trek, I’m pretty pumped to see Captain Picard and Lt.Commander Data in Mimo-form.

As usual, these bots are packed with extra content in addition to their kitschy, tooned-out looks. As far as I’m concerned though, they could have just loaded up the toy commercials and I would have been happy. So great.

All four of these guys are available right now at Lets cross our fingers for more. The way that the company’s Star Wars offerings have taken off and birthed an entire line, I can’t imagine that the same won’t happen here. Quite frankly, I hope it does because I’m pretty sure I need a tiny Geordi LaForge hanging out on my desktop.

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