Star Wars heads in a new direction with a new artist in issue #8

Star Wars heads in a new direction with a new artist in issue #8

X-Men and Captain America artist Stuart Immonen joins the team for an issue that sees Luke Skywalker following a new path in Star Wars #8.

This August, the next arc of the chart-topping hit series begins! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at STAR WARS #8 – as blockbuster writer Jason Aaron is joined for the first time by new series artist Stuart Immonen (All-New X-Men, All-New Captain America)! After discovering the journals of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, more determined than ever continues his quest to learn about the history of the Jedi. A quest that will take him to the center of the galaxy – to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant! But what he and R2-D2 uncover on their journey to the massive city-planet may be more than he bargained for. Meanwhile, at the far end of the galaxy, Han Solo & Princess Leia are confronted by a most unexpected foe! Don’t miss the start of a brand-new arc as critically acclaimed artist Stuart Immonen joins the Rebellion this August for STAR WARS #8!

That cover art has presumably little to do with the actual story happening in issue #8 of Star Wars, but it’s just so cool I couldn’t resist making it the lead image in this preview. Marvel has gone nuts and run with the action figure variant covers on both the regular Marvel U books and the Star Wars line and I just love ’em to death.

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Aside from the variant though, there’s plenty to like in this issue as it’s sports a brand new artist in Stuart Immonen and a new arc, which kicks off a formerly unexplored path for the would-be Jedi Luke Skywalker. It should be particularly fun to explore the Jedi Temple and the Empire’s ‘homeworld’ of Coruscant too, since it never got all that much attention in the original movies, and that set of films is decidedly the focus of Marvel’s new series’.

I also like that Luke, Leia, and Han are all featured continuously, even though they have two separate stories happening. None of the main characters get left behind here, and it looks like the book will be raining faithful to that thought going forward.

Should be a good one, Star Wars #8 hits the racks on August 19th.

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