Stealth/horror title 2Dark looks creepy, creepy, creepy

What’s 2D, looks like an SNES game, and is loaded to the brim with horror and sneaking? That’d be 2Dark.

There’s a very good reason why 2Dark is so horrific, and that’s that Alone in the Dark’s ‘creative force’ Frédérick Raynal is behind it. From French developer Gloomywood, 2Dark might look old school, but it’s anything but, with a quest that follows detective Mr.Smith as he rescues children from the “clutches of sadistic and bloodthirsty serial killers in the sinister town of Gloomywood.” Yikes.

2Dark will be stalking the halls of the GDC expo week, so I’m sure we’re going to be seeing quite a bit more on it soon. As for a release date, there’s nothing to report just yet, though the game will be heading to the Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Mac.

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