Steam gets the Big Picture

TV friendly ‘Big Picture’ mode is now officially out of (public) beta and ready for prime time. To celebrate, the company is offering some solid sales on controller friendly fare to break in that HDMI cable with.

Big Picture, in case you’re not familiar, provides a streamlined interface for the Steam frontend and makes using the service all that much easier with your television set.

Of course it remains to be seen whether or not PC gamers will even really use the functionality as most PC’s tend to reside on the desktop and not in the media center. One thing that might make the proposal all that much more tempting though is the ease of use that Big Picture gives to gamers who like their controller support (though the new mode still works just fine with a keyboard and mouse).

The whole thing is designed with this in mind, so you know it’ll be as easy as pie to set up and use. And that’s the point of the sale- to get gamers playing around with PC games as though they were traditional console experiences.

Over thirty games are on sale right now on Steam including some of the bigger releases of the year like Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Space Marine, and Shank 2. Yep- good stuff.

Go check out more and get your PC on the TV right here.

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