Steam Next Fest October kicks off today with a swarm of demos

Steam Next Fest October kicks off today with a swarm of demos

Steam Next Fest has kicked off once again, bringing even more demos during the first week of October. From now until October 10 at 1 PM ET, you can check out developer livestreams and play countless hours worth of game demos across an entire scope of genres. It began earlier today over at the Steam Store, with a page that includes a schedule of what livestreams are on the way and what’s currently playing.

For PC players, Steam Next Fest offers a glimpse and a taste of new games and those to come in October and beyond. If you’re feeling a bit lost on where to start, a good suggestion is to click on the “Most wishlisted upcoming games” section. There, games like Lego Bricktales, Undecember, and Hello Neighbor 2 are prominently on display. These are the games a lot of other Steam users have put in their lists, and they represent a solid selection. Platformers, action adventures, shooters, real-time strategy games, and more are up for grabs.


You might find a couple of unique games among the selection. For example, Season: A letter to the future has kept quite a number of people intrigued with its laid-back approach to storytelling and striking visuals. Hell, I kind of want to play it just to know what kind of experience awaits when it finally launches next year.

Season letter to future Steam Next Fest Estelle field

What’s next on Steam

Season isn’t the only standout. Other interesting and unusual games are on offer in Steam Next Fest this October. Aka, for example, stars a red panda who decides to relax by farming and napping on gigantic capybaras. There’s also The Entropy Center, which aims to be the next big Portal-like puzzler.

Of course, you can just watch games being played rather than spending the download time. On the livestream docket today is Potionomics, followed by a preview stream of Plasma. For the latter, the game is being developed by the folks behind Poly Bridge and Kingdom. Basically, it’s a sandbox creation game where you create the toys.

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