Steam Next Fest’s summer edition kicks off next week

Steam Next Fest's summer edition kicks off next week

It’s once again that time of the year when you can try out a bunch of demos for free. Steam Next Fest’s June 2022 summer event is set to kick off next week and bring with it a ton of games to try. It begins on June 13 at 1 PM ET and runs until June 20. Steam Next Fest is a fantastic way to try out new games you’ve never seen before.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to try out some new genres that you’ve never really experienced before. There’s almost any kind of game you can think of at the event, so look around and experiment with different games. During the event, there will also be a series of live streams from developers that provide a closer look at some of the featured games in the event.


What you can expect at Steam Next Fest June 2022

Steam Next Fest’s previous event was in February, and it had plenty of awesome titles to try out. Games like Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle and Boundary were especially interesting titles to check out. While we don’t know for certain which games will be featured in Steam Next Fest’s June 2022 event, there are sure to be some goodies.

Steam Next Fest June 2022

Valve has posted a full page of details for June’s Steam Next Fest that answers a few questions and gives some useful info. While the page is intended for developers who want to feature their games at the event, you still might find some parts worth reading anyway. If anything, this is an interesting look at the screening process that developers are required to go through. This page also confirms that we can expect to see Steam Next Fest return in October 2022.

Make sure you mark your calendar for June 13, and be ready to start gaming at 1 PM ET. This month’s Steam Next Fest is sure to have more games than most people know what to do with. And we won’t have to wait too much longer to check out even more demos later this year in October.

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