Steam-powered Legend Pariah seemingly leaks for Apex Legends

Steam-powered Legend Pariah seemingly leaks for Apex Legends

When it comes to Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale Apex Legends, the Legends themselves are a big part of the entertainment. After all, they bring the personality and the different skill sets to the table to help players form the best winning combination. While we have gotten a glimpse of a confirmed new Legend in the form of Valkyrie, it appears that we are not done just yet. A dataminer has seemingly uncovered more details about another Legend in Apex Legends, going by the name Pariah.

As a character who relies heavily on the use of steam, Pariah will supposedly bring some unique abilities to the battlefields of Apex Legends. She packs a sonar grenade as a tactical ability, which helps reveal hidden enemies for 15 seconds. It is likely it might even allow you to see enemies through walls.


Pariah’s passive skill, Aplomb Training, will allow players to see enemy health bars, in addition to giving her immunity to stun effects and well as to steam.

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The steam part is important. Pariah’s ultimate, Sacrificial Romantic, will set off a device that sends steam flying in all directions, but keeps her from moving. The steam deals damage directly to health instead of armor, and can be deadly in the right situations.

Steam Powered Legend Pariah Seemingly Uncovered For Apex Legends leak

Source: Biast12 on Twitter.

Tit for tat

While the abilities of Pariah appear undoubtedly useful in Apex Legends, removing movement with the Ultimate is a big tradeoff. Being able to maneuver freely and tactically in the fast-paced shooter is key to success most of the time. How the studio manages to strike a balance remains to be seen.

It’s likely the Ultimate will allow her to plant the steam device and trigger it while at a safe distance. Unless she is meant to be in the thick of the action and take one for the team, her Ultimate ability is suitably named then.

Nevertheless, the various abilities of Pariah in Apex Legends will likely make her a useful asset for any team. We will await official confirmation if this is indeed the case.

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