Steam Summer Sale 2020 goes live with a load of discounts

Steam Summer Sale 2020 goes live with a load of discounts

Once more, the leak for the Steam Summer Sale date has been proven true. The 2020 edition of the sale is live starting today, and it’s bringing a buttload of discounts for new and used games. The timing for this one is good, especially considering that Electronic Arts recently put a bunch of its games on Steam recently. And yes, some of those are going on sale.

As with the previous sales, the Steam Summer Sale 2020 is offering points for purchases. You earn 100 Steam Points for every dollar you spend on anything in the store — from games to DLC, hardware, and soundtracks. Points can be spent in the Points Shop on items like animated avatar frames, stickers, backgrounds and more. There are also animated stickers for games like Doom Eternal, CS:GO, and DOTA 2. You can also get animated tub Geralt, which is a win in my book.

It seems like a better offering this year, especially when it comes to profile backgrounds. That jellyfish one is calling out to me. Luckily, you’ll have plenty of time to decide as the Points Shop is now open year round.

Steam Summer Sale 2020 Discounts Valve Points Shop

Use Steam Points on animated backgrounds, stickers, and more.

My poor wallet just can’t get a break

Of course, most of you are likely more interested in the discounts in the end. The Steam Summer Sale 2020 has those in spades, on popular and newer games. Risk of Rain 2, which is just awesome, is going for 20% off at $15.99 USD. Doom Eternal, which came out in March, is half off at $29.99 USD. Its Eternal Deluxe Edition, which normally goes for $89.99 USD, is on sale at 40% off, or $53.99 USD.

Electronic Arts, seemingly giving up on Origin exclusivity, has a lot of published games on Steam — some of which are on sale as well. The Mass Effect series can be yours for up to 75% off. Going for half off is The Sims 4, which is now only $19.99 (endless expensive DLC notwithstanding).

Check out the rest of the deals yourself at the Steam Summer Sale 2020. It’s live from today until July 9 at 1 PM EST.

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