SteelSeries’ new Apex 150 keyboard now available

Want a keyboard with lighting that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? SteelSeries’ Apex 150 might fit your bill.

Light and color

It’s kind of a known thing in the PC gaming world that there are a lot of keyboards out there with light-up features. I have one myself, not that I use that feature all that much. Usually though, I find that they’re not exactly cheap. Well, for the better ones anyway.

SteelSeries is a solid name in PC gaming however, and they’ve got a board that you might want to check out. Called the Apex 150, this new keyboard is wired, and includes five zones of RGB lighting.

And yes, this is programmable stuff, so you can get it to do some different stuff if that’s your thing. Likewise, all of the keys are programmable, and are designed for “fast reaction times”. Though these are membrane (and not mechanical) in nature, SteelSeries says that they’re not your run of the mill design.

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The membrane reportedly has a tension to it, that is made to pull “the key into actuation, resulting in a tactile key feel and quiet operation”. The makeup is actually exclusive to the company, so you won’t find it anywhere else.

The Apex is also designed to work with Discord. Apparently, the chat service can sync up with the keyboard. This allows players to set custom lighting for “notifications that indicate new messages, mute status and more.”

All in all pretty cool, and so’s the price. The Apex 150 is available right now and will run you $49.99 USD. Get one here.

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