Steeped in themes of sacrifice, Corpse of Discovery might be a sleeper hit

An adventure and exploration-heavy game meant to get you thinking, Corpse of Discovery takes place on an alien world, centering on an astronaut far from home, and yearning to get home to his family.

Pretty cool looking, no? And there are some layers here that make it even cooler. Creative Director Chip Sineni has drawn heavily from his own life for this one, not as someone exploring space, but as a man working long hours who misses his wife and child.

And those are the feelings and thoughts that inspired the game, which plays out in a sci-fi manner, instead of having you work as a game-programmer (which would have been kind of interesting too). In fact, there’s so much of Sieni’s life behind the game, that he actually used his own family as visual and auditory characters in it.

So that’s the background, but the game itself is sounding pretty awesome too. Cast as an astronaut and member of the exploratory today called the Corps of Discovery, you’ll explore a series of alien worlds. You won’t just be wandering around though, as you’ll have to map the worlds that you visit, and locate resources that the Corps are scouting for.

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While you’re doing that though, you’ll also have to deal with natural stumbling blocks like “intense heat, harsh storms, and other environmental hazards”, as you seek to simply complete your job and get home again.

There’s a lot that seems right about Corpse of Discovery, and it just might be a sleeper hit when it hits the PC somewhere down the road. As to when that’ll be exactly, we don’t know, but it’s definitely one to watch.

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