Stonewall is the newest character in Scourge: Outbreak

A disgraced former military man leads Echo squad into battle in Scourge: Outbreak, if he can manage to keep Echo Squad together that is.

A former US Ranger and sixth generation Army Officer, Victor “Stonewall” Dantrix has his crosshairs on the Nogari Corporation for a research experiment gone wrong. Compelled by the promise of having his named cleared once and for all, Stonewall was framed for a catastrophic airstrike “cleansing,” which left him as the only survivor out of hundreds. Dishonorably discharged and disgraced, Stonewall was sentenced to execution only to escape for a life on the run. Now he must keep Echo Squad together and eliminate Nogari.

Specializing in mid-range assault and tactical combat, Stonewall can take a beating and easily pay one back in double. While he may not be a tank like Mass, or nimble like Amp, Stonewall is 100% mission-oriented and determined to eliminate enemies efficiently. His Zen-like balance of recoil control and accuracy gives him a keen trigger finger, particularly when equipped with an assault rifle. Naturally, Stonewall is perfect for close combat situations. Never giving an inch of ground, his Ambrosia Suit’s Static Shield locks into place, allowing Echo Squad to return fire and decimate enemies from safety. Additionally, Stonewall’s Static Shockwave will let Nogari know he means business. Once he’s in range, he makes sure nobody gets away.

So here’s the ‘balanced’ character type in Scourge: Outbreak. Other than Stonewall, we’ve so far met Amp (the nimble and fast character) and Mass (the tank), leaving the stealthy character of the bunch yet to be revealed.

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Stonewall actually looks like a rock solid character all around (which I guess he should since he’s the ‘balanced’ character) and I like the idea that he’s the most proficient with automatic weaponry. Of course that’s probably because I’m a little biased in that direction, so your mileage may vary. He does have one of the more interesting storylines of the characters shown so far though.

We’ll find out if that cool looking ninja can do any better very soon as his is the last dossier to be released. Figure that for this week as UFO Interactive’s Scourge: Outbreak releases on Xbox Live on July 3rd. It will cost you 800 MS points.

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