Strangeness abounds around Phantom Dust developer’s closure

Is the Xbox One’s edition of Phantom Dust cancelled or not? Well, in the shadow of the developer making it’s closure, it kind of depends on who you ask.

Phantom Dust is a bit of a niche title, even though it garnered a lot of attention at this past E3 when it was announced. So with that in mind I realize that what happens to the reboot is probably not the biggest care for a lot of people. Even so though, this is a pretty interesting piece of news as it’s flat-out confusing.

Basically, here’s the long and the short- Darkside Games (who’s the developer making the game) has been shuttered. After working on Sunset Overdrive and Borderlands, this was their first and last solo show. 50 people have been put out of work as a result, and the whole reason for it is that the game they were working on (Phantom Dust) has been cancelled. Or has it?

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It might seem obvious as to the answer since the developer is dead and gone at this point and there’s been no replacement announced, but Microsoft was quick to say that no, it hasn’t bee crossed off the release list at all. The gaming (and everything else) giant says that the relationship between them and Darkside is over, but that has nothgin to do with the cancellation of Phantom Dust, and that development on the game continues.

Yeah, it’s just… weird. We’ll let you know if there’s anything further on Phantom Dust, but I’d have to imagine that, at the very least, this event pushes the title’s prospective launch back a bit.

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