Street Fighter’s Chun-Li becomes a Power Ranger in new game

Maybe the strangest crossover of the year spins out of the Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, and sees Street Fighter’s Chun-Li donning some iconic garb.

Chun-Li… Ranger?

So, this is odd, though also kind of neat. First, if you’re not aware, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a mobile fighting game.

From developer nWay, Hasbro, and Lionsgate, the game is already home to a cadre of Power Rangers characters, as well as Street Fighter’s Ryu. He debuted a while ago, and now that crossover continues with the likes of M. Bison and of course Chun-Li.

Chun-Li Ranger is a brand new character created by nWay in partnership with Capcom and the POWER RANGERS creative team. Street Fighter characters first crossed over into Power Rangers: Legacy Wars last spring and marked one of the most successful events in the game’s three year history as it introduced Ryu Ranger, a POWER RANGERS: Legacy Wars exclusive character where Ryu received a Power Coin and morphed into a Power Ranger. Now filled with the power of the Blazing Phoenix, Chun-Li’s moves can set her opponent ablaze with blue phoenix fire. Flip in with a Kasairyuu (Volcano Kick) into Houohmai (Phoenix Dance), activate your super to unleash a brutal Senhoukyaku (Thousand Phoenix Kicks), then toy with your foe as they deal with the heat.


Free to download, with in-app purchases, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is available now on Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

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