Strike Force Zero developers announce new game: Fractured Space

October 22, 2014


Edge Case Games has announced their next game will be called Fractured Space. The development team was originally called Born Ready Games and is the team behind Strike Force Zero. Continuing with their space themed shooters, Fractured Space is 5v5 player team-based game that will have shooter elements underlined with RTS aspects.

New multiplayer space combat shooter, Fractured Space, also has RTS aspects to create the next genre of space combat games.

Players will take control of capital ships and will have to coordinate attacks across maps. Space battles will be fierce and players will have to work together to win. Each player will have the ability to customize their capital ship so every battle is unique. The developers at Edge Case Games are opening their doors to the public during the development process.

The developers at ECG want the community to be a part of the development process. There is an Early Access launch in November and ECG wants to the community to take part in the launch. Visit the website and sign up for early access here.

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