Stubbs the Zombie walks free on the Epic Games Store next week, PC Building Simulator free this week

Stubbs the Zombie rises from his grave this March for PC via Steam

It’s only fitting that we get a little brain-eating action in time for Halloween this year, and Epic Games Store is delivering with Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse. But unlike a normal zombie game where you’d have to survive the apocalypse, this time, you are the apocalypse. It’s 1959, and you’re Stubbs the Zombie, kicking ass and eating brains from anyone who tries to get in your way. Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse is free next week on the Epic Games Store, while PC Building Simulator is free this week.

In this game, your ultimate objective is to create an army of the undead and unleash an attack on the living. Stubbs lives in a very retro environment, with fedoras and diners setting the mood of the late ’50s/early ’60s. You’ll destroy the affectionately named town, Punchbowl, with your zombie powers of flatulence and sputum. It’s as they say: no brains, no gains.


A deadly good time

If the spooky Stubbs the Zombie is a little worrying for you, you can check out this week’s free game instead. PC Building Simulator is available to download on the Epic Games Store this week and is the perfect budget game for players to learn how to build a PC. The game partnered with real brands to develop accurately modeled PCs, so you can actually learn a lot with this one. Admittedly, I purchased a pre-built, so this game could potentially make any building I need to do in the future a bit easier.

Stubbs the Zombie stumbles onto the Epic Games Store for free next week starting on October 14. You’ll have until October 21 to download the game, and it’s yours to keep permanently. Otherwise, PC Building Simulator is available until October 14 at 11 AM EST, so you have plenty of time left to dream up your luxury rig.

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