Sunbreak event reveals gameplay and monsters

Sunbreak event reveals gameplay and monsters

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion drops in over a month, and Capcom just hosted a brand-new digital event to tide players over until then. Clocking in at a little over 15 minutes, the digital event unveiled quite a bit of new information, which included a returning monster in the form of Seregios, two new subspecies, and a variety of new gameplay mechanics.

First introduced as the flagship monster of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Seregios provides a formidable challenge for players unfamiliar with its behavior. It lashes out at players in an incredibly erratic manner, and it can shoot out deadly Bladescales that can inflict the “bleed” status on those who fail to dodge them.


Aurora Somnacanth marks the first of the new subspecies introduced in the event, and it promises to offer a stiffer challenge compared to that of the original Somnacanth. The standard variant spews out an intoxicating mist that puts players to sleep, but Aurora Somnacanth imbues that mist with an ice property that imposes more immediate consequences for those who run into it. Meanwhile, Magma Almudron adds a fiery kick to the mud attacks that the original Almudron possessed, as the name would imply.

New ways to hunt

As for the new mechanics, the Switch Skill Swap promises to grant players further flexibility during hunts, as it allows them to equip two different loadouts of Switch Skills and change them mid-hunt. Players do not have to stay helpless when changing Switch Skills, as they can Swap Evade while they do so to avoid potential interruptions from monsters.

These represent only a few of the announcements made during the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak digital event. Those who want to learn more about the upcoming expansion, including additional information regarding the flagship monster Malzeno, can watch the entire digital event below.

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