Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct coming up

With the game’s release coming soon, Nintendo is ready to talk more Super Mario Maker 2. A Direct will hit the net this week, and it’s a lengthy one.

Making more Mario

The upcoming Nintendo Direct is a whopping (“roughly”) 15 minutes long. Now, I understand that might not seem like a ton of time, but you have to take into consideration that all of those minutes are going to be devoted to 1 game alone – Super Mario Maker 2.

Suddenly, there’s a ton of room for speculation in there, no? We pretty much know the gist of this summer’s create-a-Mario sequel after all… don’t we? Actually, maybe not.

Nintendo has been pretty tight lipped about the game, when you actually look at what they’ve covered thus far. Yes, we know that there will be new 3D World elements and that you can make slopes this time around, but that’s about it.

Surely there will be the usual stuff from the Wii U and 3DS games too, but what about the long-rumored Super Mario Bros 2 set? Will gamers get to make SMB2 levels this time around, or retcon SMB2 stuff into the original game? That’s probably the biggest question, along with what online modes it’ll support.

Whether or not that’s in the cards though, is still very much a mystery. Nintendo is ridiculously tight-lipped about their Direct’s and this one’s no different.

You can catch the show at this link or right here, via the viewer below. Start time is May 15 (tomorrow) at 3pm pacific time (6pm eastern).

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