Super Mario Maker 2 update adds new course parts, Link as playable

The Legend of Zelda’s Link joins the fun in Super Mario Maker 2 thanks to this week’s update, along with a host of new course parts.

The Legend of Mushrooms

Yes, he’s a long way from home, but Link is indeed the newest addition to Super Mario Maker 2. Once players find a Master Sword, they can turn into the elven hero.

He’s more than just a new aesthetic too, as Link has his arrows in tow. That means he can hit far off targets, which Nintendo says will open “up a whole new world of design possibilities for creators”. He’s also got the answer to Spiny’s with his patented ‘downward thrust’ move, and can wield bombs to blast open new pathways. Is it me, or does it sound like he breaks the game?

He’s also not the only new addition. Nintendo’s make-a-course sequel is expanding quite a bit with this week’s update, including getting a few new enemies.

  • Dash Block: Available in the Super Mario 3D World style, the Dash Block course part gives Mario a major speed burst when stepped on.
  • Frozen Coin: These coins are surrounded by a block of ice and can only be released if melted by fireballs or other fire elements, including a certain angry sun.
  • P Block: When a P Switch is hit in the course, invisible P Blocks temporarily turn into hard platforms, or vice-versa.
  • Spike: This classic enemy coughs up massive spike balls and launches them at Mario. If used in the snow environment, Spike will toss snowballs instead!
  • Pokey: The iconic stacked cactus from multiple Super Mario games joins Super Mario Maker 2 for the first time. Players can even edit the height of each Pokey.

Super Mario Maker 2, along with the latest update, is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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