Super7 surprise fans with Simpsons Ultimates! figures

Super7 surprise fans with Simpsons  Ultimates! figures

The Simpsons are back in the action figure realm thanks to Super7. The company took the wraps off of wave 1 of The Simpsons Ultimates! today.

Mmm ultimate doughnut…

If you’re a fan of Super7, then you already know that the little company has been absolutely rolling over the last few years. From their (now ended) continuation of Masters of the Universe, right through Thundercats, TMNT, Conan, and about a dozen other properties, they make flat-out cool stuff.

Super7 has some awesome stuff on the horizon too, like Silverhawks… and The Simpsons. Yep, coming completely out of left field, they today announced an Ultimates! lineup for everyone’s favorite never-ending cartoon. And man, is wave 1 not what anyone would have been expecting.

Yes, there’s a Homer, but it’s Deep Space Homer, and he’s the sole member of the title family to be included. Other than Moe the bartender (who looks great), he’s the only major character too.

Also in the debuting lineup is Poochie, Robot Itchy, and Robot Scratchy. How’s that for some deep cuts? Of course, all of the above (outside of Moe) are inspired by specific episodes, like “Deep Space Homer,” “Itchy & Scratchy Land”, and “The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show.” At last in the early going here, it seems like Super7 might be tailoring waves to specific installments of the show, instead of general versions of characters.

Either way, it’s looking like we finally have the first real The Simpsons ‘line’ since the classic Playmates one. And unlike those, these figures are the usual 7″ Ultimates! scale, and come loaded up with accessories.

If you’d like to buy-in, wave 1 is up for pre-order on Super7’s shop, and will be available till September 30th. If you’d rather buy elsewhere, online toy shops are getting them as well, including our pals at Entertainment Earth.

Wave 1 of The Simpsons Ultimates! is scheduled to ship out in summer 2022, and the figures are priced in at $55 USD each.

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