Super7’s Thundercats Wave 3 hits pre-order

The hotly anticipated third wave of Super7’s Thundercats Ultimates has hit the pre-order phase on Entertainment Earth.

Eye of Thundara

It’s kind of hard to believe Super7’s Thundercats are going to have three announced waves already. Seems like it was only yesterday that the company announced the first offerings. Those included “Ultimate” versions of the figures that Mattel released years ago, as part of the defunct Matty Collector.

Yet here we are, and wave 3 is coming up. Of course, it’s not scheduled to “come up” any time soon. Actually it’s a year off, launching in April of 2021. I’m not entirely sure if that’s due to the coronavirus pandemic that’s thrown almost everything on Earth into chaos, but it could be.

Either way the new wave is looking great, and includes Cheetara, Slithe, Jaga, and the super-niche character of Captain Crackers. Each figure will be packed with accessories, which is in the Ultimates style, and sport multiple head portraits for different display looks.

Also in the Ultimates style however, is the price. These figures are not cheap, and will run you $44.99 USD each. If you’re a big fan though, I think you’d be hard pressed to find better looking Cats out there. Actually, I think you’d be hard pressed to find any other Cats out there. Thundercats doesn’t get a ton of merch these days after all.

Helping a bit with the cost though, is that these are being sold separately. I’m used to seeing EE selling stuff in sets and cases, so that’s a cool thing. This way, you can pick and choose if you really only want Cheetara, or would rather have just, uh, Captain Crackers (who actually does look pretty great).

Check them out via the links below, at Entertainment Earth. As usual, if you do pre-order any using these links, BG will get a small commission.

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