Support the rebellion with this new gameplay trailer for Homefront: The Revolution

The latest trailer for the upcoming Homefront sequel shows off plenty of down and dirty gameplay.

Shown originally at Gamescom last week, this is over 6 minutes of pure gameplay, all of which shows the gritty war that the American rebels are still fighting against the North Korean occupation forces that have knocked over the sovereign US.

The warden for the game is a small cross-section of what’s happening on a national scale in the Homefront universe, and sets the action in the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA – the seat of the revolution against the British crown way back in 1776. And just like back then, Homefront: The Revolution sets the featured players against a superior military force, with a guerrilla-war style of combat their only option.

Still a while to go on this one, but Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios’ reworking of that game (it was picked up from THQ after that company’s  closing) is looking pretty darn great. We’ll see how it looks in finished form when Homefront: The Revolution hits consoles and the PC in Spring of 2016.

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