Surfing the spaceways

Writer Donny Cates is bringing the Silver Surfer back to solo action. With Tradd Moore on pencils, the Silver Surfer: Black mini-series is out now.

Surfing the spaceways

If there’s a bigger writer in the Marvel pen right now than Donny Cates, I don’t know who it is. The scribe has been with the company for a little while now, and has lit up his Venom solo series with fresh energy and ideas. So much so that he’s going to be in the big chair for a whole Spidey/Venom event in Absolute Carnage this fall. So why not give him a chance to reenergize another character?

That could be the thinking behind Silver Surfer: Black. A new mini-series from Marvel that sees Norrin Radd (the Surfer) cast through a black hole by Thanos’ goon squad.

The Silver Surfer soars into his own limited series spiraling out of the pages of Guardians of the Galaxy! Get the inside scoop on this title from writer Donny Cates, artist Tradd Moore, and Editor Darren Shan in this all-new video! 

“By putting Norrin in a place where he’s never been, he’s gonna come up against something in this book that is not only going to challenge him, but perhaps break him,” said Cates.

After being sucked into a black hole created by Thanos’ followers, the Sentinel of the Spaceways finds himself in an unfamiliar region of space. With his whereabouts unknown and his powers fading away, the Silver Surfer will need to risk everything to survive – even his very soul! And just when things look most dire, what unexpected ally will come to his aid? 

“This is unlike any Silver Surfer comic you’ve ever read before,” teases Shan.

Marvel Comics press release

Issue #1 of Silver Surfer: Black is out now.

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