Surprise- GameCube controllers now work with the Switch.

Not an officially announced part of the latest Nintendo Switch update, GameCube controllers are now compatible with the console. So does that mean that the Virtual Console is finally on the way?

Cube to Switch

The legacy of one of Nintendo’s worst selling (yet still beloved by fans) consoles lives. And it lives in a big way that might be quite telling. The latest update for the Switch’s firmware just arrived last week, and with a host of other things, GameCube controller compatibility hit with it. The kick? This wasn’t announced, and has never even been mentioned.

Apparently, the controllers work with any Switch game and even are compatible with the dashboard. There are some issues though. Namely, there’s no ZL button on the ‘Cube’s controller, and there’s no Home button either. So some games won’t be entirely playable. And also, you kind of have to have a Switch controller active along with the Cube pad if you want to use your console effectively.

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Still though, this is pretty cool, especially for fans of the GameCube and those who’re looking forward to a Virtual Console on the Switch. I’m in that number, and taken with the pre-launch rumors that GameCube games would be coming to the console, I’m thinking it might not be too far off.

Of course, I’d like to have a VC that’s essentially a continuation of the one on the Wii U, with its complete roster of games. Personally, I own a good deal of those, and it’d be great if I didn’t have to re-buy my favorites… again.

Source: IGN

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