Surprise- iPhone 6 breaks records for pre-orders

Apple’s latest handset(s) has once again broken all pre-order records for the company.

Chances are, that if you missed the initial 3am eastern time ordering window for the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you’re not getting one till October or November at the earliest. I ordered one at about 6 in the morning to replace my aging iPhone 5 and won’t see my new phone till October, so I know of what I speak here. And the reason for all this tardiness is simply that the phones are selling faster than the new stuffed waffles at IHOP. In the first 24 hours of sale, a whopping 4 million iPhones were ordered, which set a record for the California company, and it’s not super-clear if that’s counting those sold by AT&T, Best Buy, and Staples. If it’s not, then that number is even bigger.

If you don’t particularly like the idea of waiting a month or more and you were one of the unfortunate souls who got caught up in the early morning website crashes (due to heavy traffic) and outages (the Apple store was offline for some time) you can also expect to see a limited stock of phones on the shelves when launch day comes around next week, though you’ll have to get on line pretty darn early if you have any notion of snagging one- you know the drill. Apple launches aren’t exactly generous when it comes to day-of sales stock.

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And if you do manage to snag one (through online orders or in line at a brick and mortar) I imagine many of the first things tried out on the new phone will be games, you know, just to give that processor a workout and see what it can do. Personally, I’ll be grabbing BioShock- what’ll you be picking up to break in that new handset?

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