Swipe to Finish Him! New Mortal Kombat mobile title on the way

Mobile fighters have been touchy in the past, but NetherRealm is giving it a go with a handheld edition of Mortal Kombat X for iOS.

They’re not impossible to do well mind you, Street Fighter IV was a pretty fantastic little port and Injustice (though it took a completely different track) was a good time too, but fighting games just don’t tend to apply themselves all that well to the touch controls of mobile devices. Never let it be said though, that NetherRealm doesn’t give it the old college try as they’ll be bringing MKX to iOS-powered devices with a card-battle title that will incorporate many of the elements found in the console and PC version.

Different, definitely, but maybe not a bad kind of different. True, card battle titles aren’t the most in your face and ‘extreme’, but this is MK that we’re talking about here and it looks like most of what you’d expect to see from the franchise will indeed be intact for this iOS release. Creative Director Ed Boon said that this mobile edition was made to allow “more players than ever before to play this over-the-top fighting game through their ever-present smartphones, tablets or other devices”. A card battle mechanic definitely gets that job done, as even non-fighting game fans might want to give the mobile version of MKX a spin, if for nothing else than just to see what the franchise can offer. From there, who knows, they might just want to try the real thing.

Both versions of the upcoming fighter will be cross-compatible via an “expanded” feature set as well, which is always nice, and unlock rewards in either edition for those gamers playing both. As for when it might see release though, that’s a little up in the air as it might not make April 14th, which is when the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC versions are set to hit.

Source: MCV

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