System Shock remake gets a new gameplay trailer

System Shock remake gets a new gameplay trailer

Yesterday’s PC Gaming Show was a whirlwind of new reveals and trailers. Among them, one left viewers feeling a little shocked. Sorry. Publisher Prime Matter and developer Nightdive Studios came back with a bang, showcasing a new gameplay trailer for the System Shock remake.

The game was scheduled to release last year, but got delayed. This in itself isn’t surprising. Many games got hit with delays following the pandemic. Nightdive announced that it needed more time to get the game properly ready for launch. And today, we get to see the fruits of that additional development time.


System Shock is looking great in its new gameplay trailer. Nightdive has been cultivating a reputation for remastering or porting excellent retro games for PC, such as Turok and Doom 64. System Shock, however, is a remake and most likely has been the developer’s most intense project to date.

An update you can see

Gameplay wise, System Shock is looking fairly typical of a first-person game in the trailer. And that’s a good thing. It’s no secret that the original 1994 game hasn’t aged well. Even at release, the game was a bit clunky, and its UI was fiercely cluttered. It’s nice to see System Shock is a bit more user friendly, which should be welcoming to a newer audience.

It’s also looking up to par in the graphics department. Bright, neon colors highlight the deep blacks of Citadel Station. Enemies are also looking rather ferocious. But, luckily, you’ll have plenty of weapons to defend yourself. Guns range from rifles to pistols and energy weapons. The original game wasn’t lacking in things that go bang. But we also see what looks like the Laser Rapier, looking much nicer after all these years.

The System Shock remake is still without a solid release date. However, Nightdive has confirmed it will come out this year.

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