System Shock remake gets one more demo before release

System Shock remake gets one more demo before release

It was a surprise when a demo for Nightdive Studios’ remake of System Shock appeared on Steam last year. The game had largely been a mystery before that, with multiple delays holding up its development. Clearly, everything’s gone smoothly in the past year, because the System Shock remake has a release window of this summer and a new demo out now.

Today’s demo, which can be downloaded from Steam, is currently the most complete version of the game players can try out. Players that tried out the game’s first demo back in January of 2020 will find more polish this time around, along with a ton of other new features. More enemies, music, and voice lines will be present, along with an entirely new level. This demo for System Shock will include an entire level set in Cyberspace, a perfect spot for the game’s player character, an unnamed hacker. The latest demo for System Shock also sports some new tech, such as environmental destruction and DLSS support.

Anyone that plays the System Shock demo and likes what they see can also pre-order the game starting today. Pre-0rders are live on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store, and will run customers $44.99 USD.

Two games for one

Nightdive Studios isn’t just working on one System Shock game though, it’s working on two. Besides the remake of System Shock, the developer is also busy with System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition. This version of System Shock 2 isn’t a remake but rather a remaster with some new features. Namely, System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition will sport VR support when it launches alongside the System Shock remaster.

However, only some customers will have to worry about buying both games. As a pre-order incentive, Nightdive Studios is offering anyone that pre-orders System Shock its updated sequel System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition for free.

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